Worship security

In the “new” America, created by eight years of a Democratic administration that favors Muslims over other immigrants, armed security for Christian and Jewish worship services is becoming a priority in some places.

This case is harassment, but coming a few months after the San Bernadino, CA, terror murders (the worst in American history before the Orlando gay bar killings upped the record toll), the threat was clear.

Jews around the country already are readying themselves to protect their congregations during the early-to-mid October high holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Of course my experience in all this is local, but I’m not going to give any specific names or place details on the Internet.

Will only say that meetings are being convened with police and private security firms and volunteers are being sought to keep the costs down. Interiors and exteriors will be patrolled by armed but unobtrusive security. Perimeters, inside and out, likewise will be secured. Large purses or other bags will be inspected, in as friendly a manner as possible. Persons unknown to the volunteers of a particular congregation will be engaged, as politely as possible, wherever they appear, to determine their intentions. I plan to be among the local volunteers.

It’s a pity, really, that any of this should be necessary. In America, of all places. But, thanks to the Democrats, many of them atheists who couldn’t care less about religion, in 2016, so it is.

Via Jihad Watch

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