Proppin ‘er up


She’s gotta win, she’s gotta win. Otherwise the alphabets will have to work for a livin’, instead of just regurgitating political, police and celebrity handouts.

3 responses to “Proppin ‘er up

  1. This is exactly right. The Left will do almost anything to preserve big media (more than likely through funding by a tax scheme covert or if they’re confident enough overtly), it’s their #1 bulwark of power. Though it is losing it’s effectiveness through the perception of being bought dogs of the Libs, it still effects enough people for the Libs purposes.
    Alot of people are celebrating MSM’s demise, but though true in the long run I think it’s premature. As I said above the Left correctly thinks it is their main bulwark of power and as long as they think this they will keep it at all costs.

  2. I don’t mean to seem so pessimistic Stanley. In actual fact I believe that individual liberty, rule of law, and government subservient to the people is going to make a big come back, but not without great upheaval. You and I are probably too old to see the triumph, but I see the signs.

  3. Hope you’re right. Electing Trump would start the come back. OTOH electing the Hildabitch, thereby making official the thugocracy some WSJ commenters are quaintly calling the U.S. Department of Clinton, could be the final straw.