When Barry gives the Internet to the U.N.

The dictator’s club will drool over their new power to censor whatever they don’t like. Leftists they fund, like our own Hildabeast, finally will get a shot at eliminating right-wingers like Drudge. Also the new global tax the U.N. will inherit in annual domain fees will brighten many a dictator’s dreary day.

But I agree with commenter Dan Westmoreland at the WSJ that they will then be at the mercy of the world’s twelve-year-old coders who are unencumbered by bureaucracies.

“I think if the UN or what ever try to control the net that personal innovation will overcome it,” comments Westmoreland at the WSJ on their revelation of our little Barry Hussein’s latest big lie. “The bureaucrats are way too stupid to control technology. Can’t even design a health care peck and search program. Twelve year olds will destroy all their efforts.”

Imagine that. Some pre-teen in Iowa, or Bangladesh, will make Kim Jong Un and his colleagues look even stupider than they already do. ‘Course it could change the way we do business here and on Twitter and Facebook, but something better, with encryption even Google can’t crack, just might come along. Pols are after money after all. Control is only a wish.


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