Trump, our unelected (so far) president

Some of the usual suspects are giving his staff credit for engineering Trump’s meeting with Mexico’s president Enrique Pena Nieto. They should read Trump’s The Art of the Deal and Don Surber’s Trump The Press. It’s much more likely it was The Donald’s idea to take Pena Nieto up on his invitation before the Hildabeast did.

“President Peña Nieto invited both Trump and Clinton to meet with him to discuss immigration, and now it will look sort of like a pathetic game of catch up if Hillary accepts and meets with him second.”

The cool thing is that Trump came away looking, as he did when he beat Obama and Clinton to flooded Louisiana, and riotous Milwaukee, like a president. One uncowed by lack of political experience or humbled by the usual name-calling put-downs from the lapdog Democrat news media.

Not only that, the immigration speech he followed it with played up an angle the lapdogs have ignored. A less-permeable wall than the one we already have (yes, Virginia, we have a wall; it’s called a fence) would do more than help diminish if not stop illegal immigration. It could put the drug cartels out of business. They need our market and if they can’t get to it in sufficient numbers…

Turns out the cartels are what Pena Nieto is most concerned about, so he and Trump had common ground to stand on, whatever El Presidente’s feeling about illegal immigration. It has been, after all, a safety valve for Mexico’s ruling class, bleeding off the wretched poor who might otherwise stage another revolution.

Adds the Instapundit: “He’s turning her into Jeb, isn’t he?” Indeed he is.

8 responses to “Trump, our unelected (so far) president

  1. We don’t have a wall/fence across the whole of our southern border. It’s intermittent. The last time I was down there, several years ago, admittedly, there’s just the river. And if you remember, the videos of the superb fence near San Diego show illegals climbing over it and cutting through it with impunity.

    If you put up a continuous fence, you are going to have to monitor it continuously, else what’s the point? I still support a continuous wall/fence, but we’re gonna need more border patrol people, and electronic monitoring, too.

    • It is intermittent, true, but it’s a start. It’s going to be particularly difficult in the Valley where residents have crossed the border at will for centuries. But I’d rather see the border a priority before the Pentagon. We still have too many generals and not enough infantry.

  2. You’re right JD. The San Diego and recent Euro experiences show that you can have the best fence in the world, but if you don’t have the will to enforce it’s existence (which unfortunately usually means deadly force) then it’s no impediment what so ever.

    • Tear gas works ever so well, as the Israelis know. I imagine you remember your introduction to it years ago. Pepper spray also. No need to kill on purpose. The hard part will be withstanding the Left’s howling, aided and abetted by most of the major news media. And fighting off the Right’s demand to restore the Pentagon before enforcing the border.

  3. I hope so Stanley.

  4. Stanley,
    Yeah, I remember the “Gas House”. Who is that snot nosed punk? Why it’s me and a lot of other people..

  5. Heh. I had to think this one over. Not sure I have it right. I thought it was the “gas pipe,” or was that only the name of a paraphrenalia shop? Yes, we’ve all been down that road a time or two.

  6. “gas pipe,”, Headshop. My daughter drug me down there about 2 decades ago. Kind of a latter day Oat Willie’s.