Shame on you, Lester

Not only were you, the so-called moderator of the Trump-Clinton dog and pony show not objective, you showed to all and sundry why the country is in the economic and social muddle it is. The Nobody But Clinton network is just one of the alphabet teevees that invariably sides with the Democrat establishment but it may be the worst.

“This is how great nations slide into totalitarianism,” wrote commenter Jake Haulk in the WSJ. “The cabal of the insiders, wannabes and the establishment. Pravda and TASS shilling for the Kremlin during the Soviet era. Sickening.”

Little Lester of the Ruling Class became the third debater, arguing with the one who dared question the establishment while tossing the lifelong pol Clinton one softball after another, never mentioning her well-known email scandal, the 6 percent Clinton Foundation “charity,” or her obvious health problems the world has seen on video.

“No wonder Americans do not trust the lame stream media,” Haulk concluded.

For all his faults, and a bad habit of taking things personally, Trump is our only chance of hacking through eight years of these weeds. But I figure most voters already know that. G-d help us if they don’t.

UPDATE:  Was our Little Lester auditioning to be the Hildabeast’s press secretary?

4 responses to “Shame on you, Lester

  1. Re: Holt. What did you expect, Dick?

  2. Sorry. I read the top post first. I see what you expected in the next one down.

  3. Your commenter left out accessory to murder in Benghazi.

  4. He only included the ones most people can agree on.