Bye, Bye Internet

Yes, it still seems to be working. Far as I can tell. Not that I’ve ever had that many visitors to Ye Olde Abode. But I don’t expect to be affected much.

It’s the future that could be scary. Just ask Mark Grabowski, an internet law prof at Adelphi U. on Long Island, NY. He’s not confident it will turn out well at all.

“There is currently nothing prohibiting ICANN, post-transition, from eliminating or transferring what are essentially the Web addresses for U.S. government and military websites. A company owned by or located in Russia or China could end up managing, or Losing control of these web domains would put our nation’s security at risk.

“Another concern is transparency. Publicly available databases, which show who owns what domain name and how to contact them, could disappear. Companies and law enforcement rely on these to resolve infringement and cybersecurity issues, and eliminating access would have a severe effect on businesses’ ability to protect themselves.”

Most of bye, bye Internet pieces are sanguine about it. No biggie. Grabowski’s is not.

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4 responses to “Bye, Bye Internet

  1. Guys like you and I, we won’t be the first casualties because we aren’t the top hits. They’ll begin at the sites with the most hits/day. Drudge is a goner.

  2. Possibly. I expect Drudge has a score of mirror sites in reserve.

  3. Look at this in a positive way: a company or a private citizen in US could end up managing or similar.

    I think that, as usual, after a few initial cases of mayhem, the thing will settle itself at some acceptable balance.

    • Possibly. You and I tend to see balances coming but even we have no idea how far ahead the balance may be. And in the meantime… It could be that Obama also is uncertain and aiming for the balance. It just seems, given his history, more likely that he has something else in mind and will work to see it implemented. Such as a UN takeover. He and Clinton already have as much as 85 percent of the news media in their corner and that media has a lot of influence. We should know before too long.