Private rockets still flying (and landing)


This the landing, the fifth landing from the edge of space of this Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin booster, in a successful test of the crew capsule’s escape system. Watch it all here, scroll down to the video and begin it at 50:51.

Nice to know engineering work continues near Van Horn in West Texas without the mud-slinging and biased journalism of the presidential fandango. Should be said that our little Barry Hussein stimulated these private rocket ventures by forcing NASA to help them out while getting out of the way.

2 responses to “Private rockets still flying (and landing)

  1. Something I can be finally happy about on this here blog, seeing as how I am under an oath not to deal with the elections. Good stuff.

  2. Now, now, don’t be a coward. I saw a JPost story on how their recent poll showed Israelis prefer Clinton to Trump. Speculation that they prefer her known quantity to his unknown, despite his promises to move the American embassy to Jerusalem and back settlements.