Despite crowded rallies Trump’s not winning

Wargaming the electoral college, PJMedia’s Stephen Green finds a Trump win still unlikely despite his crowded, enthusiastic rallies. And the Hildafelon’s trouble finding more than a few score of backers for an audience. Probably main reason, besides her health, that she isn’t doing rallies much.

Nevertheless, Green’s perusal of the polls—sans L.A. Times “eligible voter” and Rasmussen’s questionable ones—sees scant chance that Trump can win a squeaker much less the going-away landslide his packed rallies of thousands would suggest. Not that I wouldn’t love it. She’s just going to be Obama3.

Plus a liberal progressive Supreme Court for the next 30 years. Probably with enforcement problems for their decisions, but we won’t know that until it’s too late.

Significantly, perhaps, the Dems are taking no chances. They’re already breaking voter registration laws across Indiana and, presumably, other states as well. In Illinois, people are being paid to vote Democrat. Will the old pony bottle of cheap bourbon make a comeback, or is that too old school?

Weren’t we assured by our Little Barry Hussein that voting fraud was a myth?

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  The WaPo finally found its trash on Trump. Will it kill his chances? The MSM certainly hopes so. Puritans, all, when it serves their interest to be so. Obama3 here we come.

MORE:  The dam bursts. Clinton mistress Gennifer Flowers on what Slick told her about the Hildafelon: “He said Hillary had eaten more p***y than he had.”

5 responses to “Despite crowded rallies Trump’s not winning

  1. Stanley,
    I think we are seeing something more that a crucial national election, actually I think the election is more of a visible symptom of something else. In American politics we’ve great waves (you could say the same thing about the world, but that’s something else for me to get long winded on later). A good example would have be pre 1900 populism ala W. Jennings Bryant. Th e accepted wisdom is that it died out, but I think it was a tide that peaked with FDR and washed away the old post Civil War politics. Now a new tide is rising that will wipe out all of that, whether Hillary is elected or not. Just as the old Populists, Grangers, etc, could not foresee their movement morphing into the party of FDR, the same is true now. Trump in a sense is unimportant.

  2. Further thoughts. Even though the old ways as represented by the DCists is on it’s way out, that doesn’t mean it won’t fight tooth and nail for it’s own survival. It made it’s way to the top through information manipulation, social coercion, and good old pay offs. They are losing on all those fronts. So look for them redouble their efforts (especially hunting for money, our money) to continue.

    • If she wins, it’ll be eight more years of Obama policies: continued high unemployment, continued mass illegal immigration, continued everything we have now and worse. By 2024 they won’t be much left to salvage.

  3. Stanley,
    I don’t mean to say it can’t get bad, oh it could get very bad. It has in the past and will so in the future, but it has also been very good in the past and will also be in the future. I just can’t get a handle on when what will happen. We are approx. the same age and I don’t know if we’ll live to see the end of these people and their business, but there will be an end to it and I think sooner than they think. It’s taken me a long time to believe there are things bigger than me (maybe not my head) and the creatures in DC certainly don’t believe it.

  4. I agree and, indeed, I expect to return and if the return is linear and it’s here again, I’d rather not find the U.S. a third-world country with no middle class—just the very rich and the very poor of most countries. Especially third-world ones.