Hillary’s black stepson

One of the oldest jokes about the mudslinging in American politics is from slavery days. A white candidate in the 1850s is giving his stump speech, literally from a tree stump, when his opponent pays a handful of black children to run at him yelling “Daddy, daddy!”

Now it seems Slick Willie’s sexual misadventures have led to a real black child running at him (at least on the Web, so far, but including Drudge) begging to be recognized at long last.

As if Felonia von Pantsuit didn’t have enough October surprises already, Danny Williams, 30, is her latest one: “Hillary, please do not deny I exist. I am your stepson. Chelsea is my sister. And Bill is my father.”


UPDATE:  Drudge says the Clinton News Network has ordered its minions not to report on Williams. Not dissimilar from the way they and the rest quietly ignored Monica, until Drudge had hammered the subject long enough. See why the feds want to control the Net?

MORE: And then YouTube banned him. Maybe the feds don’t need direct control, eh?

6 responses to “Hillary’s black stepson

  1. So what? There’s tape of Hillary laughing over the fact that she helped the raper of a 12 year old girl escape justice. If that hasn’t sunk her there is no way something as insignificant will have any impact. Trump is a bad man because he talked about money and fame making it easy for him to get poon. Hillary has all but formally endorsed rape as an acceptable practice but she’s a feminist icon.

  2. So far, anyway. Nov. 8 will have the final say.

  3. “Nov. 8 will have the final say.”
    I’m beginning to wonder. Oh, I don’t put a lot of credence in the current Administration taking over the election (but I wouldn’t put it past them) if the results are not to their liking.
    I think I’ve probably said this here before, but Hillary is in the same position as J. Caesar was when he laid down provincial command, win or be prosecuted. This threatens not only Hillary but a large majority of power blocs in Washington who have gained control of government. We are seeing them and will see them do almost anything to retain power. Even if they win though it will be Pyrrhric for their time has passed. Doesn’t mean their departure won’t conditions that suck for us.

  4. Should read “departure won’t create conditions”

  5. If it’s close, as the Gore-Bush race was at the end, then, yep, the nasty, bad conditions will linger. If one or the other wins overwhelmingly, things should cool down for a while. Meanwhile, I’m beginning to wonder if Trump’s virulent attacks on her and Slick aren’t making her sympathetic.

  6. “I’m beginning to wonder if Trump’s virulent attacks on her and Slick aren’t making her sympathetic. ” I don’t think so. At the very least these things are finally being talked about.