‘Ballot harvesting’ in Fort Worth

Well, technically Tarrant County, but the only city of any size there is Fort Worth. Where voting is being investigated by the state for “ballot harvesting,” an interesting form of paper voting fraud that still works in the computer age.

Never mind hacking a voting machine. Never mind voting the dead. Simply beg, buy or steal enough paper mail-in ballots to/from the elderly and the poor to make a difference in an election. Fill them out the way you want, affix the appropriate fraudulent signature and away you go.

If the election you’re out to defraud goes one way or the other by only a few score votes, as some sometimes do, your fraud is in business and you’ve saved yourself the need to learn computer programing or hire some criminal hacker to do it for you.

Via Drudge

UPDATE:  Sometimes a rogue insider can upend the paper process all by his own self. And, the investigation intensifies with a reward offered for tips.

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