The Hottest Year Evah Nonsense

The television meteorologists and the newspaper scribblers reissue these government handouts every year as if they were gospel instead of political bullshit so fundamentally flawed they don’t deserve to be called science.

“Surface temperature datasets are so flawed (Urban Heat Island effect; poor siting issues; large areas of the world where there is no coverage) as to be untrustworthy,” writes James Delingpole. “Satellite data don’t show nearly the same extreme warming trend: this year’s high temperatures, the result of a strong El Nino, are roughly the same of those as of the (similarly strong) El Nino of 1998.”

“[Where] there is little or no data coverage for most of the world,” writes climate blogger Paul Homewood, “temperature trends are simply made up for large areas, particularly the supposedly fast warming regions like the Arctic.”

Made up? Yes, made up. Extrapolated, as they say in professional-speak, those none-too-scientific scientists, getting fat and living high on the climate-change gravy train powered by your tax money. Championed by such luminaries as the dictator’s club (aka the UN) and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

4 responses to “The Hottest Year Evah Nonsense

  1. I dunno, Dick, it’s 83 here in New York right now, but the pretty girls have put their summer clothes back on so I am not going to complain

  2. Well, by all means, New York should cut back on coal-fired electricity to help keep global whachamakalit at bay. It was in the 90s here today but that’s a normal late summer spasm. Cold front due through tonight will bring rainand knock tomorrow’s high back into the 70s where it belongs in October.

  3. It must be:

  4. Thanks. Harold Lloyd (whose flicker that is, I believe) is always funny.