If she wins she won’t be indicted

Not by the current “Justice” Department, nor by any AG she appoints

“And what of the future? Mr. Comey reportedly wrote his letter to Congress over the objection of the attorney general and her deputy. Thus, regardless of what is in the newly discovered emails, the current Justice Department will not permit a grand jury to hear evidence in this case. And because only a grand jury can constitutionally bring charges, that means no charges will be brought.

“Which is to say, we know enough to conclude that what we don’t know is of little immediate relevance to our current dismal situation.”

Comey will be—perhaps already is—a dead man walking.


2 responses to “If she wins she won’t be indicted

  1. Comey is trying to make up for his big fumble in not pursuing indictment. He is afraid that wikileaks or someone else will publicize emails that demonstrate Hillary Clinton was protected by Obama and Loretta Lynch. With so many in the FBI furious with Comey, he has to take these actions to cover his butt.

  2. He was a definitely between a rock and a hard place but I think I would have let fate take its course, just in case I got away with it, rather than hanging myself out to dry the way he’s done.