Biggest shale oil field in U.S.


The Permian Basin of West Texas has long been a rich “play” for crude oil and natural gas. Now it’s also the best in the country for shale oil deposits. And the discovery couldn’t come at a better time. President-elect Trump wants to make us energy independent and likely will back extensive use of the Permian. Hagzilla likely would have followed Barry Hussein’s pretend attack on carbon and thumbed her nose at shale while wasting more money on phony (i.e. intermittent power)  windmills and low-efficiency solar cells.

4 responses to “Biggest shale oil field in U.S.

  1. When I was in the 3rd grade we lived in Livingston, NM. My dad was (as always) in the oil patch. He did a spell of logging, and I remember when he would bring the traces home, looking at them, trying to understand, and there were always numerous mentions of shale. Below shale deposits is where they often found oil pools, as I recall being told.

    Of course, my memory of that stuff is pretty dim, after 140 or so years.

  2. Remarkably hale for 140 plus years, though.

  3. OK, good luck with getting through the greens and similar. We have a great load of shale too, but so far our greens were quite successful in sabotaging the development.

  4. The Greens were losing on shale until President Pen-and-Phone stepped in. Once he’s gone, it should be easy.