Big 12 doormat beats Texas

I had a bad feeling about the Texas-Kansas game even before it started. After that, well, except for their spectacular first down score, watching the Texas offensive line struggle to keep their QB clean and him keep throwing interceptions, confirmed it.

So when Texas lost 24-21 in overtime, probably the lowest score in a Big 12 game in the past decade, I wasn’t all that surprised. Not when it included five (by my count) turnovers. Gone are the days when you didn’t worry when Texas fell behind cause you knew they’d pull it out. Not anymore.

Poor Texas, they can’t win for losing. They had a shot at their first winning season in the Charlie Strong era. Now it’s gone. Even if they can beat TCU at home the day after Thanksgiving (a very big if) they’ll end the season at 6-6. And it’s much more likely TCU (5-5, 3-4) will throttle them.

UPDATE:  It was Texas first loss to Kansas since 1938. As Mr. B. said: They beat Notre Dame and then lost to Kansas. How does it happen? Or as the daily’s Cedric Golden put it: “So Texas and Rhode Island now share something in common: Both have lost a football game to the 2016 Kansas Jayhawks.” Arguably the worst team in college football.

3 responses to “Big 12 doormat beats Texas

  1. Well, that’s that. I had had hopes at the start of the season. I don’t know what’s really wrong with this team, but as boss Charlie’s got to take the blame.
    I will say this, this program’s problems in my opinion go way back before Strong came here. Some time in Mack Brown’s tenure (and maybe way before that) I got the impression the players at UT felt all they had to do was show up and the win was given to them. That being at UT was nothing more than an audition for NFL scouts and the press.

  2. To expand further on the above. What Strong had to do was destroy the existing climate and institute a different winning one. I believe he’s succeeded in the first and has either failed in the second or is taking too long. From what I’ve watched the players seemed to have more or less the right idea, but seem very disjointed in application. Again, if so, that’s a failure of Strong (fair or not). I’m not one of those pining for the days and ways of Royal. Even though I was born here, I’ve never been all that impressed with UT athletics.

  3. I wasn’t born or raised here and I went to Maryland where I never paid attention to football. But after a few years here beginning in 1978 I realize the Horns were the local equivalent of a pro team. I have enjoyed their ups and mourned their downs ever since. Couldn’t relate to their earlier national wins as I was in high school elsewhere the first time and preoccupied in Vietnam the second. Mr. B. wants badly to go to UT, and we put Mrs C.’s endowed scholarship there, because she worked here for 25 years, but the place always has seemed to me to be too provincial to be much admired. It’s too bad Strong likely will leave now. Too bad. With the team almost all black it made good sense to have a black coach and there aren’t that many good ones elsewhere to choose from.