Election stats worth considering

A majority of white women voted for Trump. The leftist feminists are outraged.

There are 3,295 counties in the United States. Trump carried 3,227 (97.8%); Clinton just 68.

So much for the “popular” vote—from which she took 47.9 percent over Trump and the other candidates—which we’ll be hearing more and more about from our dominant Democrat news media as they continue to battle Trump for the next four years.

Most of those “popular vote” voters were in New York and California. The media would be perfectly happy to see all of us ruled by New York and California.

2 responses to “Election stats worth considering

  1. The last one for awhile………..I swear it! But this was heard floating out from on high of the “Trump Tower”.

  2. Stanley,
    I know you said it was okay, which was very kind of you, but I can get too excited and go overboard. So it’s the last for awhile.