Kicking out the “opposition party”

I didn’t watch Trump’s news presser in which he called out CNN for fake news and scolded one of its correspondents, but I may start. A Republican who fights back against the Democrat news media? Amazing.

Now it seems future pressers will be held in a building adjacent to the White House instead of in it as the overpaid Democrat operatives are booted out.

That’s partly so Trump can expand the so-called press corps to include conservative bloggers and talk radio hosts. That will be a refreshing change. Finally we’ll see how much lying the Lame Stream Media does about these dog-n-pony shows. Of course they’re howling that the “people’s representatives” are being shown the door. Except they’re the only ones who think they represent us.

Indeed, “Are they representing us, the People, who, collectively, elected Trump, or are they representing the Democratic Party?” asks blogger Ann Althouse. “I don’t think the press — with respect to the Trump administration — represents the people. I think the statement ‘They are the opposition party’ is much more accurate. Too bad they did that to themselves. We could use a vigorous, professional press.”

During 35 years in the biz I long ago decided that a neutral news media probably is an impossibility but just integrating more conservatives in among the lefty-liberals of the big alphabet stations and the WaPo and NYSlimes would go a long way towards the goal. One Fox News, even one Breitbart, is not enough.

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  1. Suddenly ex communists find a ton of vacancies under democrats beds in D. C..