The soft coup: Flynn won’t be the last

Never mind what Gen. Flynn said or didn’t to the Russian ambassador, or what he did or didn’t tell the Vice President about it, the real story (as usual the one mostly being ignored) is how the permanent administrative state sandbagged Flynn: they released a classified intelligence intercept of his phone call to the Democrat news media.

There’d have been no controversy without that first, clearly illegal act, in which the Democrat media was only too happy to cooperate. What the government was doing tapping Flynn’s phone is a whole other issue likewise being ignored. This is the work of a police state. Likewise the unprecedented investigation of Flynn and the rest of Trump’s transition team by the Obama DOJ and FBI.

“…this is a rolling coup attempt, organized by elements of the intelligence community, particularly CIA and NSA, abetted by Obama-era holdovers in the understaffed Justice Department…and the lickspittles of the leftist media.”

Trump properly fired Obama’s DOJ director (ostensibly for something else) but he should not have kept the FBI stooge-in-charge. Nor should he have forced Flynn to resign. He’ll be very sorry to have set that particular precedent. Because what Judicial Watch calls “the soft coup” against him is just getting started. Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway looks to be the next victim as the Obama-appointed Ethics Commission has started attacking her—with the full support of the Democrat media.

2 responses to “The soft coup: Flynn won’t be the last

  1. Like I said before, these guys (the libs and the bureaucrats) are in a fight for their existence and it won’t be easy. Their biggest weapon is the illusion that they are invincible, on the right side of history, an almost majority of Americans are against Trump, etc, etc, which is propagated by the MSM. It is an illusion. What Trump and his supporters must understand is that this is a long fight of years, not weeks or months. The coming out of the blocks with a blizzard of activity was a good tactic, but it must be followed up. Trump needs to keep in campaign mode constantly and keep the pressure on Congress.
    The Deep State boys, Obama left behind, or whatever you want to call them are firing their big guns and have scored a hit, but at the same time they’ve handed Trump a great weapon to go after them. From long ago I remember “If it can be abused, it will be abused” and “There is no such thing as one way streets”.

  2. Yes, of course, they will fight him. But taking down Flynn should not have been so easy and reveals the extent to which they will break the law. I hope Trump does “go after them.” Firing a bunch of ’em would be a good start. And getting rid of Comey as FBI director. Why he has been kept on is anybody’s guess. Supposedly Fart, Barf & Itch is discussing bringing felony charges against Flynn for lying to them. Not that Clinton and Huma didn’t lie to them but they were, ahem, Dims.