The end of Trumpalot or the beginning?

Having thrown Gen. Flynn under the bus and now being battered by the usual leftist lizards to get rid of the woman who arguably helped him get elected, Trump’s choices are narrowing.  PJMedia’s Michael Walsh thinks they boil down to these:

First, complete his cabinet.

Second, fire every fireable federal employee in the leak-prone agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency.

Third, start taking operational security seriously.

Fourth, assume everything you say will leak to the media and be spun as malevolently as possible.

Fifth, trust nobody.

Will he? Can he? If not, we can probably expect his impeachment shortly after the Dims take back the House in 2018.

One response to “The end of Trumpalot or the beginning?

  1. I agree with all five of the above. He also must realize that when he gets better at operational security the MSM’s counter will be to run stories about the “Nixonian secrecy” and “what does he have to hide”? In the past that was effective, but this time it’s different for he has the support of the people, but he needs to get out and campaign (there he should expect attempted violent disruption) and keep the pressure on Congress. If not then “if it can be abused it will be abused”.