What has Sessions recused himself from?

Is it the Dems hobbyhorse Russia-hacked-the-2016-presidential-election? Or is it something else, such as the FBI spying on the Trump campaign?

Neither supposedly is an ongoing investigation. The former was quietly put to bed after the FBI found nothing. The latter is just coming to light with Trump’s Twitter rant this morning about the Obama admin wiretapping him during the campaign. Naturally he cuts to the chase and accuses Barry of doing it. Naturally Barry, through a spokesman, denied personal involvement. A non-denial denial.

Certainly believable. Barry’s admin has done it before.

But now conservative bloggers like Instapundit and Powerline are calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the Obama admin’s wiretapping. And we’ll see whether that develops wings.

But, still, I ask you, just what has Atty Gen Sessions recused himself from?

Via Instapundit & Powerline

UPDATE:  Republican senator from Nebraska starts the ball rolling.

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