Coyotes moving in

“Henry, a three-year-old miniature poodle, was in a fenced-in backyard when the coyote jumped the fence and grabbed him.” And ate him.

This was near MoPac earlier today, about a block south of Enfield Rd., in West Austin. Which underlines that coyotes aren’t afraid of heavy traffic. S/he would have had to traverse miles of residential streets to get to that location, assuming origination in the relative wild of the Hill Country.

I suppose the city won’t do anything until the coyotes start taking down some of their precious white-tailed deer that roam West and Northwest Austin neighborhoods. The pols love the deer which they refuse to do anything about.

Via Fox7News

One response to “Coyotes moving in

  1. Sennacherib

    There are all kinds of creatures lurking in the night. All of whom we had been assured (on good authority) have been long gone. My pet peeve is that I know for a fact that mountain lions have been on the outskirts of Austin since I can remember (at since the 60’s), people just have no idea how secretive these animals can be.