Cold Civil War or “just” a divorce?

“Over in Seattle, in the midst of a debate over juvenile justice, a city-council member invoked his ‘Republican friends’ as a symbol of the broad-based agreement that incarceration policies need to change. One of his colleagues, Kshama Sawant, snapped back with the proud declaration that she didn’t have any Republican friends. The crowd cheered.”

Well, you would expect that in Seattle, lefty-city, after all. Or watching CNN, something no sentient being could do for long. So I’m not sure Dennis Prager’s notion of a cold civil war is justified. More like David French in National Review talking of a pending divorce. Either way, though, it’s not a happy future to be foreseen.

Via National Review

2 responses to “Cold Civil War or “just” a divorce?

  1. As long as we don’t get to the car bashing, clothes shredding, bank account draining part.

  2. Account draining, car bashing, & clothes shredding would be an escalation to hot civil war, which French defines as one side trying to dominate the other, as with the old Blue trying to dominate the Gray. Which he doesn’t think is possible between the red and the blue, though eight years of the Hildafelon might have made it seem so—except that passive resistance to the feds works pretty well. As we may see with the blue states like California to Trump’s policies.