Single Source Fake News

Back in the day (it doesn’t seem to have been 11 years, but it was) editors required two independent sources for a “sources said” news story. Nowadays, even the WaPo will go with one. Amazing. Fake news by definition.

“…the news media no longer bothers to uphold any of its alleged standards. It was not that long ago that editors required two sources that were actual human beings with a credible claim to know the material. Newspapers might bend this rule, but they never went with copy that contained sources unknown to the editor. That’s no longer the case as editors no long exist in sufficient numbers to police it and the remaining ones simply don’t care. Anything goes so its all fake sources now.”

That’s the Z Man complaining about sports “news,” specifically ESPN “news,” which is mainly rumors about rumors, but it applies to news news as well. Hence the WaPo’s (also known as the Jeff Bezos Blog’s) numerous anti-Trump stories based on a single source. Who presumably is known to the editors, but maybe not.

CNN recently retracted a single source Trump hit piece—and three employees have resigned over it—when it was called out as fake by Breitbart News. Amazing that they retracted, considering they’ve been calling Breitbart “white supremacist” claptrap.

Maybe there’s hope for a comeback of those “alleged standards.”

Via The Z Blog.

3 responses to “Single Source Fake News

  1. Z has a hit piece on Fred Reed today. He’s hammered ol’ Fred before. I don’t read Reed, myself. I just can’t help but wonder why Z does, if it makes his asshole wanna dip snuff so bad.

    I don’t take in stuff that chaps me any more. Life is too short.

  2. I read it, or tried to. I don’t really care, about cornpone Fred or science-uber-alles Z. I agree life is too short to be irritated all the time.

  3. Sennacherib

    The MSM and their allies have been destroying their credibility and themselves for years. Lately it’s just all came out into the open for confirmation by the general public and their audience. That’s who’s important in this their audience, who are starting to realize what scoundrels these people are.