Low IQ Mika gets it back

I had to laugh at Trump’s “face lift” “low IQ” retort to “Scarborough’s blonde ice mannequin/sex doll,” as Althouse commenter Basil Duke calls her. She’s been calling him names for months now.

I know. I watch them on the monitors at the J when I’m treadmilling. Not exclusively. I prefer Fox, hell, even CNN, which is anti-Trump 24/7. Nobody’s as rabidly nasty as the lefty clowns of MSNBC.

Comes the usual Never Trumper GOPe’s bedwetters complaining about his lack of presidential dignity. They were so much happier with W who meekly took the lefty shit. As ACE puts it: “We are not in a normal situation. Why do the sob sisters and pearl-clutchers of the Pretend Right insist on pretending the media’s behavior is normal and that it’s only Trump who’s guilty of ‘norm-breaking’?”

Why to keep shoving him towards impeachment, that’s why. Trump ain’t the type to care, obviously. He’s a New York City counter-puncher. Who, as another Althouse commenter, Drago puts it, “knows how to launch these lefties into Lefty Idiot Orbit.”

More power to him. He keeps them distracted while he does the real work.

Charles Hurt at the Washington Times loved it: “Of course, the puritanical schoolmarms of the political press went absolutely bonkers over Mr. Trump’s broadside of their fellow travelers. They scolded him that his Twitter missives were beneath the office of the president. Really, you mean like molesting an intern in the Oval Office? ‘Presidential’ like that?”

Via Althouse & Ace of Spades HQ.

UPDATE:  In a subsequent Tweet, the president referred to Scarborough as “crazy” and Mika as “dumb as a rock.”

4 responses to “Low IQ Mika gets it back

  1. Sennacherib

    Not only is Trump getting things done, but I think he is winning the PR war. I sense a shift in the last month or so where the MSM has gone from offense, to fighting defense, to trying to keep their retreat from becoming a rout.

  2. I turned Fox off yesterday when Krauthammer and a black lefty ganged up on The Donald. I love when Trump hits back. Screw the pansies like all the Bushes.

  3. Krauthammer is becoming a bore, but then he always was establishment GOPe, backers of the pansy Bushes and their dignity. DJT is a blue-collar battler.

  4. Sennacherib

    It reminds of the old rattling the cage of the beast. The beast is wild and fierce and the rattle drives it into a frenzy everytime, but it is in the cage and in a sense doesn’t even know it.