McMansion Hell

That’s the name of an architectural blog that puts down McMansions for, well, architectural reasons—poor symmetry, horrible proportions, lack of visual balance.

Me, I kind of like McMansions, especially the tall and narrow ones with lots of windows that will require extensive (and expensive) periodic washing. And a tall, two-story entry with overhanging balcony (inside) and curving staircase.

But amenities such as the movie room are going too far. Our next-door neighbor, with a one-story rancher like ours, has one. Used to be a dining room, I think. Bet it lacks a glade plug-in that (every 30 seconds) spritzes “a fine, precisely-calculated potpourri of stale popcorn, teen sweat, and post-3D movie vomit.”

The McMansion one has a carpet but it seems to lack the spilled soda and smooshed candy that make a real movie theater the “house of sticky floors.”

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  1. Sennacherib

    I myself have just stumbled across that blog and like it.