Ice Age Map

Solid line is the approximate extent of glaciation in the last Ice Age, 11,000 years ago. All ice above it. People below it could survive. Dotted line is the approximate extent in the previous Ice Age.

“Climbing ever higher on the bodies of their fallen comrades, they tried to stay above the ever deepening snow. Still it kept coming. Four stories deep. Six stories deep. Nine. All in one day. Still they kept climbing, nine stories into the sky.”—Not By Fire, But By Ice

Via Ice-Age Now

3 responses to “Ice Age Map

  1. Yeah, I’ve seen these Ice Age depictions, but I often wonder about the other hemisphere. I haven’t seen a pic of that.

  2. Probably the same extent. Match up Chicago’s latitude with Europe and Asia and see.

  3. Well, yeah, that makes sense, and I’ve posited that it was the case. But I have never seen any paper on it like I have in the North American ice front. For that matter, what about the Antarctic sheet growth? Haven’t seen that, either. I am too lazy to do the actual research, just gimme the data.