Mueller crosses Trump’s red line

Not only has Mueller’s witch hunt taken up an investigation of Trump’s personal and family business transactions—which Trump told the NYSlimes would be an unforgivable red line—but Mueller is being revealed as the main Democrat tool who stonewalled the IRS investigation for Obama back in 2013.

Hard to believe no one remembered that little IRS point from a mere four years ago, when they were all praising Mueller’s integrity and independence. But there it is. Mueller’s the former head of the FBI who neglected to interview any of the conservatives who said the IRS had targeted them. Any of them.

Now the question becomes can Trump actually fire Mueller? It looks like that may be harder than you might imagine. Because Sessions recused himself on matters Russia, Trump would have to get Rosenstein to do it. But if Rosenstein refused…

So Trump has a bad choice. Either allow Mueller to proceed to sift through his business practices with an eye towards some violation or other (hell, even reopen Trump’s divorce records) or risk all-out war with Congress and the sycophant snooze media. The media already willing to use fake news to embarrass/harass him.

Unless…he issued preemptive pardons for anyone caught up in the probe who was not specifically involved with Russia and the 2016 election. That might work.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE: Newt Gingrich says 99.81 percent of the political contributions from Mueller’s law firm went to HRC. Obviously making him special counsel was a setup.

3 responses to “Mueller crosses Trump’s red line

  1. Sennacherib

    Fire him and his entire staff, be done with it. Let the screaming be ignored.

  2. I’d do it, if it was up to me. But subterfuge like preemptive pardons would be a cute trick.

  3. Sennacherib

    I don’t know Stanley, something is coming from Trump, what I don’t know beyond that the left won’t expect it and will scream to high heaven. The fact that to this point they’ve been screaming and noone outside of their little world has been paying any attention has disconcerted them