Mueller’s charges? None

Forbes: “…the facts in the public domain fall well short of evidencing criminal intent, let alone a conspiracy and an underlying criminal statute that parties conspired to violate.”

Nevertheless it’s past time to fire Mueller, give Don Jr a pardon if that’s necessary, and let the chips fall. The Reps will never impeach a president of their own party and the Dems have no power to do it.

UPDATE:  Mueller already was moving the goalposts by investigating Don Jr. Now he’s turning to Trump’s Russian business transactions. Come on, DJT, show some balls. Fire him and his cadre of Democrat lawyers.

3 responses to “Mueller’s charges? None

  1. Sennacherib


  2. Nontheless, they’ll keep blathering about it on every “news” program until we are so sick of hearing it we’ll say., “Fuck it. Go ahead and impeach him. See what happens after that.”

  3. Rock and roll song… “you can bend me you can break me, but you better stand clear”