That Trump Trans Ban

Is lookin’ good. About time they stopped social engineering the military. ‘Course, the Dems flipped out. Which makes it even better:

“Well that didn’t take long after Trump rolled a live grenade into the democratic party bunker. Liberals are howling about Trump’s morning tweet announcing that trannies would not be welcome in the military. It’s only fitting that Nancy Pelosi who has presided over a congressional district located smack dab in the middle of American’s sodomy capital would be among the first to decry the reversal of Barack Obama’s plan to create a safe space for freaks in the armed forces.”

Via Diogenes Middle Finger

UPDATE: The rule change is going to take some time: “In a letter to the military service chiefs, Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the policy on who is allowed to serve will not change until the White House sends the Defense Department a rules change and the secretary of defense issues new guidelines.”

MORE: The real issue here is not social engineering but cost. The Trans or wouldbe-Trans join so the military will pay for their sex change operations and the subsequent hormone treatments. It’s not like they’re patriotic or anything.

3 responses to “That Trump Trans Ban

  1. Sennacherib

    Like the headline. Haven’t forgotten everything from your old work have you.

  2. I saw some of this crap on the news. Obama promoted and retired generals until he got the ones he wanted in place. If the current JCoS don ‘t obey their CinC, they should be court-martialed or retire.

    And I mean right frikkin’ now.

  3. jdallen,