Extreme right and left clash

I have mixed feelings about the Charlottesville, Virginia, event. Sorry for the loved ones of the dead, of course, especially the two state troopers who died in the helicopter crash.

But, otherwise, there’s nothing better than the two extremes dukin’ it out. Hard to feel much of anything for them, except mutual disdain. Happy if they came away mutually bloodied.

The car crash apparently was related to that old standby of Leftists: Stopping traffic. Hard to feel sorry for the one who was killed in that melee. Looks like, from the charges against him, that the driver was part of the extreme right. But for the fact that he was from out of town, he could have been just a pissed off motorist tired of Lefty protesters blocking his path.

Of course the Dem media is blaming Trump, tho the righties (dubbed “white supremacists” whether they were or not) ostensibly were pissed off about the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. And Trump, to his credit, weighed in appropriately.  But, face it, nothing could satisfy the anti-Trump legions.

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UPDATE: The Dem news media has gone nuts, blaming Trump for the “white supremacists,” daring to protest—never mentioning antiFa or Black Lives Matter for starting the riot. Meanwhile, Virginia ACLU notes, almost in passing, that the local cops were ordered to stand down and let events proceed.

MORE: “There was no police presence.” The Dem mayor and the state’s Dem governor apparently wanted a dustup. It was very similar to Berkeley, where antiFa showed up, the police disappeared and the violence ensued. These Dem pols like violence.

2 responses to “Extreme right and left clash

  1. Well Stanley I ;pretty much agree with you. The Left thinks it’s got it’s “Holy Grail” of an incident and they’re trying to make hay as well as they can. I think though events have passed them by and there is no one out there to sway anymore.

  2. The Dem media is talking to itself. Even social media is up in arms.