Mr. B the Aggie

Despite wanting to be a Longhorn since grade school, he’s decided to take the bird in the hand and go to Texas A&M. He’s excited about it. Wonder how much the fact that A&M is only two hours away had to do with it.

Tyler is 4-5 hours distance and is a gamble on getting into UT-Austin.

But then he may try to transfer to Austin from Aggieland if his freshman grades are good enough. They’ve slotted him to be a veterinarian which he doesn’t want. I expect he can transfer to another major if his grades are good.

2 responses to “Mr. B the Aggie

  1. Congrats with the decision, and being a vet is not such a bad deal in US, I know 😉

  2. Yes, indeed, and for all his current dislike of the idea, he loves cats and dogs. So maybe…