Jerry Rivers — scumbag

Jerry Rivers, who likes to be known as Geraldo Rivera, tells Fox News that his biggest journalistic regret is not being an active, editorializing supporter of the 2nd Intifada against Israel.

Which “claimed 1,137 Israeli lives – 78 percent of them civilians, according to the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism – between 2000 and 2005, according to United With Israel. “Another 8,341 were wounded. More than half were civilians; the rest, Israeli security forces.”

The Zionist Organization of America wants Rivers, who is a Fox common tater, fired. At the least. How about we sentence him to a year in Gaza? The scumbag can play footsie with Hamas.

Via United With Israel


One response to “Jerry Rivers — scumbag

  1. He was a scumbag even before he went political. Oh well.