The Rainbow and The Rose

Three touching and tender love stories by master novelist Nevil Shute who died in 1960.

Wrapped around the intricacies of flying, from the old cloth-covered sport and fighter biplanes to aluminum-sided piston-engine transports. And dreams of all of it that linger in the mind and heart. Worth your time and money.

4 responses to “The Rainbow and The Rose

  1. I always enjoyed his “A Town Like Alice” with Brown.

  2. What’s “with Brown”? I’ll try it after I finish An Old Captivity. I quite like his style.

  3. Sorry Stanley,
    With Bryan Brown and Helen Morse, it was a mini series.

  4. Ah, the television I don’t watch. Book should be better. All I ever knew of Shute was his On The Beach movie whose last scenes still haunt. I need to read that book too.