Why weren’t the Davidians spared?

“Four ATF agents and five Davidians died in the initial gunfight [outside Waco] and another Davidian was killed later that day [25 years ago]. After a 51-day siege, 76 Davidians [including women and children] died when the compound went up in flames on April 19.”

They weren’t spared because of those four dead ATF agents. I was a reporter on the picket line at the time and so I know that it was widely understood (if rarely spoken) by the news media as well as most everyone else that if you killed a cop you paid with your life. Today it’s pretty much open season on cops.

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7 responses to “Why weren’t the Davidians spared?

  1. Stanley,
    I’ve often wondered if you view things now differently than you did in the past while plying your former trade. I know everyone sees things of the past differently as they get older, but I wonder if anything jumps out at you?

  2. I’m much more conservative, much less a go-along to get-along fellow now. Mostly I despise what the news media does, particularly its focus on tragedy and celebrities. And its perpetual sheep-like following of the NYTimes and the WaPo. Just the anti-Trump hysteria in general is pathetic. They constantly push liberal causes such as “diversity” but have very little of it themselves. That’s why I call myself a “recovering journalist.”

  3. If it’s not prying, when and what changed you, or was it gradual?

  4. It was gradual, but Waco played a role. Fart, Barf & Itch was out for revenge and the burning of the compound may not have been an accident.

  5. I think it was gradual for me too, but I don’t know. It just seems one day when I woke up in the morning I was a conservative.

  6. Thinking this over I realize that the turning point was 9/11 when the Dims and their waterboys in the news media pummeled W for everything he did in response. I quickly got fed up with it and I still had five years to go before retirement.

  7. To enlarge on my own state. It seemed that for many years (since the early 70’s) I was arguing with myself not to “see” and understand what was right in front of me. Perhaps I gave up that effort I don’t know, but every thing seems so obvious now.