Volokh has a new roost

The Volokh Conspiracy, an interesting blog about legal cases and decisions, has moved from its four-year piggyback on the WaPo to a new roost at Reason magazine. The reasons are several but the PC police seem to have been factored into them:

“More importantly, we want the decision whether or not to redact to be ours, not the Post’s. This is so for the familiar vulgarities, but also as to similar decisions about what to do with quoting incidents that involve offensive epithets, allegedly offensive team names and band names, allegedly improper use of pronouns to refer to various people, and much more. Once we acknowledge that it’s proper to constrain our accurate reporting about one kind of offensive word, how would we effectively be able to defend our right to judge how to report on incidents involving other words?”

Goodbye Mediacrats. Hello to the new roost here.

Via Reason

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