No more launching

You know you’re getting old when you can’t launch anymore. Launch yourself up and away from a sitting position, I mean. Like the young do. Without thinking about it.

Can’t do it anymore. Fall on my face if I try. No, I have to slowly stand up and let things settle. Let gravity adjust itself. Then I can start walking, slowly usually, is the safest way.

Happy to say I can still stand erect though. I am not bent over like some in their seventies. And my legs are pretty strong from the treadmilling and the squats I do six days a week. I won’t need a walker anytime soon. Or a cane, either.

But I can’t launch. No more launching for me.

5 responses to “No more launching

  1. Sit-ups. Start with just one a day then two…………. It’s worked for me, maybe for you.

  2. I don’t see how exercise for upper-body strength, i.e. sit-ups, can affect the strength of your legs.

  3. They help for the launching thing…….at least it has for me. And you may have a circulatory thingy going on. Since I’m being Captain Obvious I’ll relate this. As I have gotten older and the circulation in my extremities has deteriorated I’ve noticed that balance is more difficult. Some of this I think has to do with loss of tactile feeling in the bottom of my feet telling me about my balance. Of course whiskey can have the same effect.

    • I’ve noticed the “loss of tactile feeling in the bottom of my feet” on the gas pedal and the brake in my car. So far it hasn’t affected my balance.

  4. Hmm… the first thing they taught us in the cardiac recovery was how to stand up. Quite an elaborated process, I have to say. Sometimes I forget and try to do it the old way. Quite frequently the dizziness is my reward for being rush.