The Rotisserie of Justice

Unveiling the secrets behind Spygate, says commenter Alan Veenstra at WSJ, will come about in Trump’s own good time:

“I am comfortable with Trump holding back on his authority to release the pertinent documents. He has repeatedly proven that his political (and theatrical) instincts are superior to those who seek immediate gratification.

“Let the rotisserie of justice turn at its own speed, slow roasting those on the spit. The entre’ will be all the tastier and more satisfying. Trump can always force the release of docs if the swamp and the DIMS are successful in thwarting justice [for a while]. Relax and enjoy the ride. Trump has this under control.”

Via Kimberley A. Strassel at WSJ

UPDATE:  I’ve become suspicious of Trey Gowdy since his multiple “investigations” have all come up dry, particularly the one on Benghazi. But he makes sense here, if what he has been told was the truth. Which, knowing the sources, is a big if.

3 responses to “The Rotisserie of Justice

  1. Sennacherib

    I have come to believe that Trump knew about these people and their plots all along. Trump was around these people a lot in New York and saw them for what they are and has no fear or respect for them. Tump’s political instincts seem to be far superior than anything any of these people bring to the table. He’s been using all of this as a stick to beat the tar out of his opponents.
    I also think Trump understood from the very beginning this was going to be a struggle to the finish and a political one at that.

  2. He was even contemptuous of the White House as a historical “dump” which his wife didn’t want to live in, had to be cajoled into living in. He probably has less concern about the Flynns who knew what they were getting into than the Cohens who didn’t plan on getting into anything. He can keep them all from prison with pardons. Meanwhile he gets to slow-roast Bronco and his minions:

  3. Sennacherib

    Yeah I can go with what you’re saying. After they raided Cohen’s office I was shocked, shocked I say to see his personal finances leaked out by people who were very concerned (of course).