Fearing Fart, Barf & Itch

Much as I like to mock the bastards, they still have considerable control over all our lives (but particularly the little people) and seldom fail to use it. The IG’s report provides solid evidence of that. They work in support of the party of government, i.e. the Dems.

“If you worked on Trump’s campaign even peripherally and without pay, shop at Walmart, or are among the 63 million smelly voters who voted for Donald Trump then you better make sure you never come to the attention of this bunch or that you learn every federal law on the books and never, ever make a mistake or cross an ethical line.

“If you do, or can somehow be accused of having done so by anyone in the ‘correct class,’ then you can expect trouble. Perhaps you will awaken to a door breaking down at the crack of dawn with armed agents, or to the news that agents have looted the offices of your attorney to find something, anything against you, or throw you in jail without bail on unrelated charges until you agree to cooperate with them.”

The KGB, in other words. The Gestapo. They spare no one but the elite.

Via American Greatness

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