Of Owls and UFOs

I’ve never seen a UFO that wasn’t pictured or on video. Likewise I’ve never seen an owl, live, that I recall. But I was drawn to The Messengers by Mike Clelland about both, often in conjunction. The messengers are the owls and they bring mystery, before, during or after a UFO encounter.

I devoted the summer before my freshman year in high school to reading books about UFOs. Books from the public library as this was 1958 and no other sources were available. Books heartily debunked by my Air Force father who’d had some experience with Project Blue Book, a 1952 Air Force collection of thousands of sightings, mostly by pilots, mostly debunked.

The owls are another story. Clelland interviews scores of people who claim to have been abducted by the Little Gray Men and many had owl encounters at the same time. He treats them respectfully and doesn’t waste space gee-whizzing them, let alone debunking them. But it’s the owls that mystify.

Barbara Ellen had her own owl experience, though not (as far as she remembers) a UFO one. Like the others in the book, her owl’s appearance was preceded by an intense emotional time and followed, albeit months later, by profound change.

As Chelli, an Amazon reviewer, has it “It’s just the honest ‘truth’ as best as anyone can wrap their heads around, a flurry of phenomenon so pervasive, so unreal yet there it is, make of it what you will but don’t criticize ‘The Messenger’ for bringing it to you.” Indeed.

4 responses to “Of Owls and UFOs

  1. Owls are wondrous creatures with some unique abilities by themselves, even without the additional element of alien contacts, and yes it is kinda strange that they are so tightly linked to all these encounters. Maybe they have another ability: to control our minds?

  2. P.S. Re-reading the recently departed Allison. So powerful…

  3. Don’t forget owls are linked to Athena.