Schumer needs help

Democrat Sen. Charles Schumer, the minority leader of the U.S. Senate has gone over the falls into the deep end of the maniac pool.

“President Trump should not meet with President Putin alone,” Schumer ominously tweeted.

Sure, Chuckles. Now get yourself some mental health help, please, before you hurt yourself or someone else.

Via FoxNews

2 responses to “Schumer needs help

  1. Well, I don’t know about the meeting, but the interview after was a train wreck. The mess created…

  2. I heartily disagree. I enjoyed the excerpts I saw on the Web and the transcript I read. The media only asked collusion questions, nothing on foreign policy or the meat of the summit. I thought Trump handled them well and was a statesman besides. I was a little sorry to see him backtrack later but it was only on one point, the believably of our intel services. Which he conceded to quiet the uproar but they are hardly believable after WMD in Iraq (that was Mueller by the way) and anything Brennan and Clapper did. I haven’t trusted the CIA since Viet Nam when I saw their white helicopters flitting here and there, the white underscoring who they were, since every other one was painted olive drab. They’re secret only for Americans, us chumps.