My Amazon giveaways

The Bloody Thirteenth garnered 544 hits and 287 entrants which culled 20 winners of free Kindle books. A giveaway contest that’s over now.

The Butterfly Rose is doing poorly, gathering 1356 hits but only 326 entrants which, so far, have amounted to only 3 winners. The BFR giveways ends at midnight PDT.

Try them, you might like them. At only 99 cents, how can you lose?

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2 responses to “My Amazon giveaways

  1. Already have them all. Not to kiss up too much, I didn’t enjoy them all, but I read them all, the writing was that good. Plus since JD isn’t being consistent, what else is there? The comaraderie displayed in Knoxville was moving. These days the fact that I read them all is significant because nowadays I like a happy ending in everything I read, even check the back sometimes to see how it turned out, before I read the whole thing. Superb. Thank you.