Live! It’s Mr. Suspenders!

“Disgraced ‘Newsman Dan’ Rather’s face for some strange reason continues to appear on television screens. It’s latest appearance was on Don Lemon’s CNN basement-rated talk feast straight from his new digs at cBS.”

Where he’s the Godfather of Fake News.

Via Diogenes Middle Finger

3 responses to “Live! It’s Mr. Suspenders!

  1. Yeah, quite a career path.
    Oh, and he is a Texan, it seems 😉

  2. I met another white-hair at the grocery the other day. Fake news, I said, gesturing to the celebrity mags at the checkout counter. The fellow mentioned Rather, having gone to university with him. Said he was known for fake news even then.

  3. I might be wrong on this, but I think Dan’s brother Don (ex ut footballer) was my asst. high school basketball, football coach. Very different than Dan. Didn’t like me, but that would have been a mark in his favor.