Mueller’s team of Democrat thugs

From WSJ commenter Loyde Yates:

“Sure, Cohen lied on his taxes and that was wrong. So have many of you. I’m not justifying it, and when a person gets caught through the ordinary course of checking, they certainly deserve to be punished.But that is not what happened. Because Cohen was a former attorney for Donald Trump, Mueller’s team of thugs inspected him with a fine tooth comb. Not too surprisingly, they found something and were able to use the tax charges to extract a guilty plea for something that wasn’t even a provable crime—failure to declare a campaign benefit.

“It is called a witch hunt. If you support that approach to justice, you may be next.”


3 responses to “Mueller’s team of Democrat thugs

  1. Stanley,
    I think this is the Left’s big throw of the dice. The Left reminds of the guy who owes a lot of money and only has the mob to go to for more money. He knows he can’t pay it back and he knows they’ll kill him if he doesn’t, but he borrows it anyway with a belief that buying more time will somehow give him the chance (that doesn’t exist).
    The Left really is in the “rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven” mode.

  2. Unfortunately they have the backing of RINOs and other GOP establishment types, including increasingly deranged crazy Max Boot:

  3. Mark Stevens

    The article by Loyde Yates is right on. How is it justice when the system is used to ensnare political opponents but worse crimes by friendlies are ignored?