Why we Trumpsters stick with him

No matter what the anti-Trump news media says or does we keep on keeping on with The Donald. Journalist Salena Zito knows why, and explains in this piece that was temporarily censored by the leftist Facebook. Or Liberal Fascistbook:

“This new conservative populist coalition is not the fluke the political class hoped it was. Donald Trump did not cause it, he is just the result of it, so no matter what he does, it continues. It is predicated on them, not him.

“The coalition is a strike at not just tone deafness in both Congress and the White House but also high levels of incompetence, negligence and shoddy performance at agencies, as well as inept social services, a bloated and incompetent bureaucracy, endless wars and multinational agreements and treaties that don’t benefit average people.”

And the very evident and unpunished corruption epitomized by such as the Hildabeast.

Via NYPost

UPDATE:  Commenter Evan Strong at the Daily Wire: “They just don’t get it. He is our glorious bastard. We know what he is and he is the only one at this moment in history to right the ship. I don’t care about his personal life. I can live with his outbursts, occasional vulgarity and that he doesn’t always say the right thing. He is genuine, real, a fighter and he gets it, which the left never will. He also has a big heart and loves this country.”

3 responses to “Why we Trumpsters stick with him

  1. She is right and the Left is very very wrong with their obsession with Trump.

  2. We’ll know for sure on Nov. 7, assuming the Left doesn’t stack the deck with illegal voters.

  3. No I don’t necessarily believe Nov 7 is the Left’s great comeback moment. I do believe though that as in all things the Left will have some victories, but the tide or the war is running against them in the long view.
    From the very beginning Trump dealt with all of this as a political problem and he was right. The Left may regain the House, but then it would make it easy for Trump to run against them.
    What I mean about the Left being wrong about Trump is that they see it as a problem of get rid of Trump and everything will be ok. It’s not Trump though he is the leader and has shown the eagerness and ability to fight these people, rather it’s the people themselves and the Left doesn’t understand this at all.