Mediacrats spur the violence

“The morning after Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd compared media critics to racist segregationists and singled out Fox News as one of America’s biggest problems, a man in a ‘mentally agitated state,’ and apparently upset over an officer involved shooting, intentionally crashed his vehicle into the studios of FOX 4 in Dallas, Texas.”

Breitbart News has documented more than 550 instances of harassment, threats and outright violence aimed at Trump and his supporters. It’s growing worse as the Mediacrats at CNN and MSNBS amp up their hate rhetoric in advance of the mid-term elections—to include a threat of assassination.

Via Breitbart News

6 responses to “Mediacrats spur the violence

  1. If one is afraid of CNN and MSNBC, there’s nothing left of one’s manhood but a stump.

  2. I’m not afraid of CNN or MSNBS but I am wary of people who get their news from them, particularly here in the Blue donut hole of Red Texas. I haven’t and won’t put a Trump sticker on my car, for instance. Or any other Republican name.

  3. I did not mean you were afraid, just saying they don’t have the power they used to have, but they don’t know it’s gone yet.

  4. That’s true. They live in their own bubble, only paying attention to people in the bubble. But that includes some people here in Austin.

  5. Yeah but Trump is literally Hitler. And his followers are literally nazis.

  6. Thanks for the reminder. I need to get my SS uniform pressed before the opening of the Austin concentration camp tomorrow. I’m to be in charge of the selection.