Kavanaugh appears to be up the creek

A second woman, also dredging up forgotten memories, also not backed up by the people she names as witnesses, also with extensive radical Dim credentials (Soros, this time) accuses ole Brett of sexual misconduct.

The only way to save him is for the Stupid Party to immediately call for a vote. As of tomorrow morning. Damn the torpedoes. But they don’t have the balls.

Via Instapundit.

UPDATE:  Lost amid the cacophony of  the Dim accusations against Kavanaugh, and their lapdog media echo chamber, is the fact that the FBI concluded that their darling Anita Hill was not telling the truth.

2 responses to “Kavanaugh appears to be up the creek

  1. All I know is that Rosie O’Donell says he’s guilty so that’s good enough for me. And Rosie is ver fair and non-partisan. As you may recall, she was highly critical of President Obama for not granting Osama bin Laden his due process via a trial at the Hague.

  2. Well you’ve got balls. I’d be ashamed to admit that my guiding light was an obese actress notorious for being a liberal Dim who is anti-Trump and anti-Republican.