Flakey Flake extends the witch hunt

President Trump’s Senate nemesis Jeff Flake (RINO of Arizona) votes yes in getting Kavanaugh out of the Judiciary Committee 11-10 but with the proviso that the FBI do a one week investigation of Christine Fraud’s charges against him.

So now we get to await more wackos conjured out of the woodwork by the Dims whom Flakey Flake is trying to appease but who won’t be happy unless Kavanaugh withdraws which he says he won’t do. And see what corrupt Fart, Barf & Itch do with it.

Meanwhile Christine Fraud has rejected the one-week time limit, meaning the Dims won’t be happy unless Famous But Incompetent keeps going until Halloween or Xmas. If then. What a circus. What a witch hunt.

Via Instapundit

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