Dim hypocrisy

The Dims liked to say that poor Christine Fraud (Doctor Christine Fraud to you plebs, though she’s not an MD) had nothing to gain by accusing Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault. Uh, not so fast.

First of all—besides her GoFundMe of almost a million dollars, probably paid by Soros—there’s the book deal…

Via Instapundit

UPDATE:  From commenter CoogsHouse713 at Instapundit: “The book deals for books that nobody buys, speaker fees, and GoFundMe accounts are modern day forms of money laundering, bribery, and corruption.”

MORE: Althouse commenter Priscilla on SNL’s “fearless comedy”: “There was potentially more actual humor to be had in parodying the 6-year old voice and bizarre child-like demeanor of the 51-year old Ford. But we must take the ‘victim’ very seriously and never doubt that she is disingenuous…” Which is why she’ll make the big bucks.

3 responses to “Dim hypocrisy

  1. I don’t think she went into it for anything other than to try and stop the confirmation. She wanted to remain anonymous. It was Feinstein who leaked the story, got her a lawyer, and got her dragged out of the shadows. At that point she had to preserve her reputation by publicly defending her lies. And I do now believe she was lying. Initially I gave her the presumption of insanity. After seeing and reseeing her testimony multiple times, I’m now convinced that she’s just a liar, not delusional.

  2. She certainly seems to have been lying, re this 9-page report from Rachel Mitchell, the hired sex crimes prosecutor who asked her questions in between the Dim political speeches: https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/4952137/Rachel-Mitchell-s-analysis.pdf

  3. Book fees? What will be the book about?