Pocahontas may have tiny trace of Indian blood

“…a potential 10th generation relative…” in a DNA test, reports the Boston Globe. Making [Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren] 1/1,024th Native American. Note that minuscule trace is only “a potential.”

“To put that in perspective, Warren might even be less Native American than the average European American,” Republican National Committee Deputy Communications Director Mike Reed said in an email, while saying this would “not give you the right to claim minority status.”

As Warren did on a Harvard teaching application and in an Association of American Law Schools teachers directory, thereby abusing affirmative action policies to her advantage.

Via Fox News

UPDATE:  Laughable that her “Native American” claimed result is actually only “Latin American,” specifically Mexico, Peru, or Columbia. And the Cherokee nation is pissed off.

MORE: Breitbart reports that Warren is much better related to a soldier in the Tennessee Militia, which was responsible for the Trail of Tears pushing of the Cherokees into Oklahoma.

5 responses to “Pocahontas may have tiny trace of Indian blood

  1. I didn’t even know that the Cherokee were Latin American.

    But I also never understood why Cherokee Jackson put on blue eye lenses, died her hair blonde, bleached her skin and so on. Isn’t that cultural appropriation, maybe even biological appropriation?

  2. She totally destroyed her chances for the POTUS run, no matter when.
    An amazingly stupid thing to do, it was.