Cesar Sayoc, 56, charged for bombs

The South Florida man was caught out with DNA recovered from one of the pipe bombs and he has a long criminal history. His white van was covered with Trump stickers and slay-your-enemy slogans. He was none too careful, obviously.

UPDATE: He’s a former New Yorker and an amateur body-builder, sometime male stripper and booking agent for male strippers. Sounds gay but no confirmation of that yet. A registered Republican with long voting history.

6 responses to “Cesar Sayoc, 56, charged for bombs

  1. An attention whore.
    Beyonce Knowles sings “slay it”. So slay it, whatever the heck it means!

  2. Well, he is from Florida.

  3. I’m almost at the point to think that it is an intelligence community hit job. Too weird anyway.

  4. Benjamin,
    I’m wrong alot, but I agree with you. There are just too many odd thing about this, too many thing are down pat, that’s just very unusual.

  5. The only unusual things I’ve seen are a) that most of the packages apparently arrived on the same day, including some that were hand-delivered rather than mailed and b) some addresses, such as that of the Clintons and Soros, weren’t public knowledge. Otherwise he was such a loser he may have been trying to get caught.

  6. Don’t know what to say. He sounded unhinged. As opposite to the synagogue shooter, he might be a mental basket case.