The Left preps for violence

First, Creepy Joe Biden the pedo praises the “courage” of the thugs of Antifa who beat up Trump supporters and people against open borders.

Then the keynote speaker at a Harvard diversity conference–shortly after the Sri Lanka Christian massacre— says Christians should be “locked up,” mocked “viciously,” and “run out of the public square…they have to be politically destroyed.”

Can the Jews be far behind?

As Instapundit says “Sell your cloak and buy a sword. Or an AR-15.” The war is on.

2 responses to “The Left preps for violence

  1. Also … glad you see that Biden IS a pedo. I only see gaslighting everywhere. Even conservatives utter this “just your average creepy uncle”. Boah, if one has a creepy uncle, it might well be a pedo! All these videos most certainly don’t lie!

  2. No, they don’t. Especially the one where the little girl (4-5?) tries to get away from his breast-covering but creepy joe corrals her again.